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Welcome to the official website for Billboard charting composer and pianist, David Tolk.  David's music has received more than 475 million streams worldwide. This is the place to listen to and purchase all of his peaceful contemplative instrumental recordings  and to purchase the sheet music for his compositions.   All of David's music, including his 2023 album, Heaven's Light, which peaked as the #1 best-selling new age album on Amazon within a week of its release, is available for streaming on Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and everywhere else!   Click on the links below to fill your home with David's peaceful music from your favorite streaming or download site.

March 24, 2023 - New Album - Heaven's Light 

My new album “Heaven's Light” is now available for streaming and download everywhere!! 

I am so excited for you to hear my new album “Heaven's Light” which is now available for streaming and download everywhere!  “Heaven's Light” is my collection of ten songs that I composed and recorded over the past year, some of which have already been released as singles.  I composed the music on this album to create a soundtrack for listeners to feel peace and healing as they recognize the wonderful gifts of God which are all around us.  I am always moved when I am fortunate enough to witness a ray of sunlight break through a dark and cloudy sky to illuminate a patch of the world below.  To me, this has always seemed to be a beautiful portion of Heaven's light warming and healing this beautiful world.  I have also experienced many times the light of Heaven through the goodness and light of people around me.  My mother, Marilyn Tolk, a brilliant musican and graduate of the Juilliard School of Music, taught me the theory and mechanics of music.  She also taught me to love and understand the profound power of music.  Most importantly, she showed me through her remarkable life and example of selfless service that we can each help fill this world with the light of Heaven through kindness and love.  The title track for this album is dedicated to Marilyn Tolk, my mother and my mentor in music and life, who constantly filled my world with Heaven's light.  It is my hope as you listen to the music on this album, that you will feel peace, love, joy, and the warmth and light of Heaven.  

“Heaven's Light” features the beautiful cello artistry of Nicole Pinnell and the beautiful angelic voice of Mackenzie Tolk.  This album features Heaven's Light, Believe, Meditation, Miracles, Be Still, Sunlight of the Human Spirit, Our Love, Redeemed, Variation on Morning Light, and When We Were Young.

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Thank you for listening to my music!  Your support means the world to me!

Best wishes,  David  

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475 Million Streams!!

What a blessing it is to be a composer during a time in history when technology enables me to share my music with many millions of people across the globe.  It boggles my mind that my music has received more than 475 million streams in more than 180 countries.  I am so grateful that so many people have been introduced to my music through streaming. 

Check out the video above of our performance of “In Reverence” at our sold out house concert on May 19, 2023, featuring Everett Petersen on violin and Mackenzie Tolk on voice! What a special weekend it was! People flew in from all over the country to share an evening of peaceful music with us! “In Reverence” has been streamed more than 100 million times in more than 180 countries! My talented filmmaker daughter, Julia, filmed this video from the stairs. Thank you for listening to my music.

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