Musical Tribute to my Lisa for our 25th Wedding Anniversary

On June 1, 1991, I married the most beautiful and amazing woman that I have ever seen. We have now spent twenty-five years together and I still cannot believe that she married me.  I have composed many songs for Lisa over the years which have been included on my albums.  She is one of the main inspirations for the music that I compose.  The most recent song that I composed for Lisa is called "Serenade" from my album, "Impressions."  Beginning at about 55 seconds into this composition, a single violin melody begins above the piano.  After a few measures, the violin melody is joined by a second violin part in beautiful peaceful harmony.  The two violins continue this duet for the duration of this piece.  The two harmonious violin parts in "Serenade" represent the beautiful harmony created by Lisa's decision to join me in this amazing journey together for a quarter of a century.  Happy 25th Anniversary to the love of my life.  

In celebration of this wonderful and blessed landmark event in my life, you can download "Serenade" for free during the month of June. I hope that you will enjoy this music.