Autumn in Mendham

Each year when the air begins to cool and my children return to school, I am reminded of the wonderful beautiful autumn experiences that I had as a child in my wooded hometown of Mendham, New Jersey.  I remember walking home each day during the autumn season from the cute brick Hilltop School, sloshing through colorful fallen autumn leaves which covered the sidewalks and which, at times, were so deep that they came up to my knees.  I remember taking hayrides with my family to a pumpkin patch in the woods near Park's Fruit Farm.  Autumn is my favorite season of the year.  My memories of autumn in Mendham are very special to me.  My entire first album, Mendham, was inspired by my love for my childhood hometown.  The tracks on this album are:  Mendham, Clearwater, Brookside Glen, Heir to My Affection, Jockey Hollow, Weeping Willow, Teeming Autumn, Lisa, The Stream, Hilltop, Storm Warnings, and Cold Hill Road.  I hope that you will enjoy these compositions inspired by Mendham.  Have a wonderful autumn season.  Fun Fact - the cello in this recording was performed by my good friend Steven Sharp Nelson of The Piano Guys, when he was still in High School.  He was amazing even as a teenager!