Walden Pond

Walden Pond - Now available for streaming and download everywhere!!

Earlier this summer, Lisa and I visited Walden Pond in Concord, Massachusetts, the inspiration for Henry David Thoreau's literary masterpiece, Walden.  As Lisa and I slowly hiked around the pond through the wooded paths, we felt a deep connection with the profound peaceful beauty which permeates this special place.  The Walden Woods Project, founded by Don Henley, focuses on preserving the land, literature, and legacy of Henry David Thoreau.  My new single, Walden Pond, is my musical tribute to this very special place which brings me peace and perspective each time I visit.  

After I finished composing and recording Walden Pond in my studio, I was blessed with the opportunity to collaborate with extraordinarily talented videographer Scot Miller, who has worked with the Walden Woods Project for years.  Scot created a stunningly beautiful music video for my new single which you can see via the YouTube link below, which features Scot's amazing footage of Walden Pond and the surrounding woods.  Please enjoy the video and click on the links below to stream Walden Pond on your favorite streaming service.  This song features the remarkable cello talents of Nicole Pinnell, who recently performed Driver's License with Olivia Rodrigo on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and the amazing vocal talents of my daughter, Mackenzie Tolk.  It is my hope that you will feel peace and gratitude for this beautiful earth as you listen to Walden Pond.  If you love the song and the video, please share them and add Walden Pond to your playlists so that others can feel the peace which emanates from this special place.  Thanks so much for listening!  



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