New Single - Solace - February 23, 2024

My new single “Solace” is now available for streaming and download everywhere!!

“One of the most important things you can do on this earth is to let people know they are not alone.” - Shannon Alder

“I was born with the same gift from God we are all born with – the impulse to reach out and lessen the suffering of another human being. It was a gift, and we each had a choice whether to use this gift or not." -Anthony Ray Hinton

Every person on this earth faces unexpected challenges and setbacks.  The human experience requires us to face and grapple with illness, loss, and pain.  However, we have the potential to experience some measure of solace even while in the midst of difficult chapters of our lives through prayer and through the kindness and love of others.  I am so inspired by so many people I have seen selflessly use their gifts and talents to bring peace, solace, and joy to those who need to be lifted up.  It is my hope that we will all act on that God-given impulse to reach out and lessen the suffering of others.  Even the smallest act such as a smile, hug, or text can bring peace and joy to someone who is struggling with grief or loss.    

In my new composition “Solace,” the haunting orchestral cello parts performed by Nicole Pinnell represent the challenges of the human experience while the soaring ethereal vocals from Mackenzie Tolk represent the solace which can be experienced even while in the middle of such challenges.  I composed “Solace” to help convey my strong belief that we can experience peace, joy, and solace even while facing the most difficult challenges in life and that we can help others experience the same through acts of kindness and love.   

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